Graffiti Beach Magazine - Beauty Director

Graffiti Beach Magazine Fall 2012: Home Decor Issue

Home Decor Issue Front Cover- Hair Giovanna Avila

Quirky Vintage - Creative Direction Melanie Michaud, Photographer Garone Africa, Illustrations Sentrock, Hair & Makeup Giovanna Avila, Styling Michelle Africa, Coordinator Lara Tishler, Models Cassidy Wolf & Steven Brewis

Urban Mod -Creative Direction Melanie Michaud, Photography Heather Gildroy, Illustration Alex Chimilio, Makeup Chelsea Conklin, Hair Giovanna Avila, Styling Colleen Ordonio & Robert Nguyen, Coordinator Lara Tishler, Models Kiersten Hall & Pal Valgermo

Graffiti Beach Magazine Summer 2013: Street Art Issue

Street Art Issue Front Cover - Lead Hair & Makeup

Cosmic Native- Photographer Yves Huy Truong, Design Brandie Mata, Beauty Director Giovanna Avila, Stylist Francesca Roth, Asst. Stylist Colleen Ordonio, Model Makaela Sandoval.

Geeking Out With Fo Porter- Written by Eileen Doniego De France, Design Brandie Mata, Photographer Lucas Passmore, Stylist Blaire Babyak, Beauty Director Giovanna Avila, Hair Soreya Yann, Makeup Aliana Moss, Model Fo Porter from Nous Model Management and Jack the Dog.

Dreaming A Fairytale - Photographer Garone Africa, Designed by Brandie Mata, Videographer Myrrh Raguro Chapterfold Productions, Beauty Director/ Makeup Giovanna Avila, Hair Wendy Diaz, Model Lily McCune

Trend Watch - p64 p68, Dressed in Yesteryear: Fleet Collection , Let’s Get Personal

Swoop Magazine - Hair & Makeup Artist

Issue 021- Front Cover - Hair & Makeup

Amy Maeur- Written by Will Hocker, Photographer Heather Gildroy, Hair and Makeup Giovanna Avila

Urban Hippie- Photographer Heather Gildroy, Styling Graffiti Beach Blaire Babyak, Hair Makeup & Grooming Giovanna Avila

Front Cover - Hair Makeup & Grooming

Ian Thorley- Interview Alana Trevino Itaya, Photo Jim Jordan, Stylist Graffiti Beach Trend Team Blaire Babyak, Hair Makeup Grooming Giovanna Avila

Fashion Shows

Bikini Rock Fashion Show Summer 2010- By Swoop Magazine and Graffiti Beach - Surfline